Being Hopeful

Being Hopeful

1 Why be Hopeful?


What’s in your hand? Nothing, Something or Everything? Nothing can be associated with the past which cant be changed. Something can be associated with present where you have time and energy in hand and Everything can be associated with Future which is decided by your present something. Being Hopeful allows you to look at the present like a gift of time given by GOD to you to turn things around in your life.


2 H – Happy


H - Happy

H – Happy


You are finding something outside which is within you. So what makes you happy? Good Looks, Good Food, A Big House, A big Car or a lot of money? If you think hard then all this can give you comfort but Happiness deals with the state of the mind. Do you remember that as kids you were happy with even a candy because you first enjoyed what you got and as you continued being happy you automatically attracted more candies.


3 O – Opportunist


O - Opportunist

O – Opportunist

Opportunity knocks at your door all the time but the problem is to decide which one should you take and which one should you leave. The simple reason is the fear of the unknown or laziness. Take up new challenges, face your fears and make yourself extremely fitter physically and mentally to face situations head on and it will change your personality forever.


4 P – Purposeful


P - Purposeful

P – Purposeful

Having a purpose in life is very important. Not having a purpose in life is like having food but not eating it. However purpose can be divided into small and big. The smaller purpose of your life is to serve your family, friends and relatives while your bigger purpose is to serve the world, the nature and GOD. Once you are able to balance the small and the big purpose, life becomes beautiful and hope lives on.


5 E – Excited


E - Excited

E – Excited

Excitement has been limited to very small and temporary things like socialising, going for a vacation, partying, watching movies, eating good food but isn’t this a form of temporary excitement. So do you leave this and become a saint? Not at all. All you need to do is add one element which is Learning. Learning to develop new skills whenever possible and learn to appreciate the self. This will keep you excited.


6 F – Friendly


F - Friendly

F – Friendly

Can being friendly with everyone being dangerous? You will ask how is it possible? When you are in company of your friend you feel comfortable because he vibrates energy of love, care and acceptance. In the same way when you meet people around you, at least exchange a smile as that vibrates love, care and happiness which the hopeless world needs. Your smile may just change someone’s mood.


7 U – Understanding


U - Understanding

U – Understanding

Understanding is the core to maintaining every relationship. To develop understanding you have to first give up on EGO. When there is EGO, its my way or the highway, I am also something, you cant waste my time or energy, etc. These are some sentences that hit your mind but these wont interrupt you when its your family member. Actually, aren’t you and I the children of one god and so a family member?


8 L – Loveful


L - Loveful

L – Loveful

Love, a four letter word without which neither you and I can live. Love is like the sunshine for you the flower. If you don’t get love then you will feel worthless isn’t it? However, the problem with love these days is that its limited to only a few you know and not to all because they are strangers. However, within you and me is the Soul/Atma and we are children of GOD/Parmatma so why cant love be a part of our every word and interaction.



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