Do Not Be Greedy In Our Life

Do Not be Greedy in Our Life

Be a pleasant human . We can not live with unhappiness continuously for three days . Luxury can not make us happy . Building one lie over one lie will complicate our peace in our life . Person living in a five start apartment sits in greed in his mind . Greed makes him to think seven stars comforts in his mind . Live with what we have with us . . We can make our simple room apartment as a beautiful garden to live in our rest of our life . Making life with happiness are our ambition . When we envy others well beings our mind becomes perverted by our selfish attitude . Greed never leaves when we envy with others . Think that we have every think to live our life happily . Shake off greediness from our thinking . Greediness makes us restless when we see the happiness of others . Greediness starts the moment we become slave to our selfish desires . Kill our greediness immediately the moment it appears in our mind . Greediness wish to associate with us as our best companions . Keep a distance with with greediness so that it will not follow us in our walks of our life . AVOID GREEDINESS THE MOMENT IT APPEARS IN OUR MIND .

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