The Gym Lovers

6 Reasons Gym Lovers Make Better Partners

In full disclosure, I may be slightly biased when it comes to dating a frequent gym-goer as I am one myself. However, looking from the outside in, there are so many benefits to spending your time with someone who takes care of themselves.

There’s a lot more to the gym than just lifting weights or high-intensity cardio. It’s a lifestyle and a commitment that can ultimately make for a healthier relationship. Btw, this goes both ways, whether you’re a girl or a guy killin’ it at the gym.

1. They’re goal-oriented.

Most frequent gym-goers are very adamant about their goals. Yes, sometimes this can come off a bit douchey when you hear a guy talking about how much he’s going to squat on leg day, but it’s also a good sign that they’re capable of setting a bar and reaching it. They have the motivation to accomplish something and are willing to work their ass off to get there, which is pretty hot. I mean, why wouldn’t you want a man who puts in as much work as you do?

2. They’re good with commitment.

Gym lovers are hands down some of the most committed people on the planet. They go to the same place almost every day, for some even twice a day, and sweat for hours on end. If they can commit to weeks upon weeks of rigorous training, chances are good they’re able to stick with their significant other especially if that person enjoys the gym as well.


3. They live a healthy lifestyle.

Working out and living a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand. Anyone who’s a gym rat is most likely eating healthy, staying clean, and taking care of all other aspects of their bodies. They’re typically not smokers or big drinkers which, is a huge benefit in any relationship. You won’t have to worry about your SO being a big party animal because they’d prefer the gym to a nightclub almost any day of the week.

4. They’re typically good cooks.

Most gym-goers are also healthy eaters meaning a good majority of them are probably meal prepping and cooking at home. This is a huge bonus for anyone who is, like myself, not the best chef. Tbh, a man who can cook is so damn sexy. Not to mention, he’ll make something that’s delicious and good for you so you can feel good about yourself after every meal.

5. They’ll help you stay in shape.

If you’re dating a gym-lover and you are interested in jumping on the #fitfam train, your SO is the best workout buddy. They’ll be so excited to share their passion with you and help you accomplish your own goals. Not to mention, they’re excellent motivators. Set up some intimate incentives and you’ll be surprised at how far you can push yourself.

6. They’re all around happier people.

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” Well, it’s true. People who regularly exercise are typically in much better mental health. They have a regular endorphin boost and they sleep better than most. Everyone could use that kind of positivity in their relationship, imho.

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