A little bird

There was a little bird.
Who lived in a golden cage.
For her this was her world.
Seeing other birds she used to fill with rage, She had all the luxuries.
She still wanted to fly.
She got all beautiful jewelries.
She still used to cry.
She wanted to break free.
Wanted to touch the sky.
The sky which was so clear.
She only wanted to fly and fly.
Calling the birds flying around.
Towards the cage, where melodies, she sung. Calling animals on the ground.
She just wanted to run.
She had some shining gems.
She used to yelp.
She used to throw at them.
Maybe she could get some help.
Once came many tide high.
Destroying things in a blink of an eye.
The golden cage broke a wire And the little bird went to fly.
Leaving behind that big ruby Leaving behind that giant diamond..
No one knew how happy she might be, She finally left that caged world.
She sung songs, with wings as a beat.
She didn’t came to the ground too soon. Despite the scorching heat,
She touched the moon.
Feeling the wind hitting her little face.
She had a smile so wry.
With other birds she even had a little race. All she did was fly.

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