Battle with Demon

Again, it was a night dark and cold.
This time I was prepared I was bold.
When half of the world slept.
Silently into my body he crept,
He flashed his satanic smile upon my soul,
I was sure he was a ghoul.
He asked whether I was prepared.
Will I scream? Or run in despair?
As I said, I won’t let him stay very long.
For that, I have become strong,
I was prepared for the worst,
I won’t let him satisfy his thirst,
I won’t let anyone taunt.
Or let my past haunt,
I walked with him, in the valley of death.
With my heart full of faith.
Again, the flashback started,
Yes, at first I was startled,
I tried not to shake.
They were my memories, my promises earlier I had break, I told him, “I am not a god, nor a demon,
I am just a puny human”.
Mistakes I had committed cannot be corrected.
But I can try to not letting them get repeated.
The demon was horrified at my boldness.
But still he had eyes full of coldness.
I told him, “You can’t live in my body anymore,
I won’t let you have any control”.
He laughed out loud,
I was standing out of the crowd.
Told me, “You got over your weakness for a while.
But this won’t happen every time”.
I revolted asking him to leave.
He said, “as you please.
But remember, once you let anything put you down,
I rule your body and get back the crown.
Once you let your tears roll down for the same reason, I will torture you, day and night and every season. Goodbye! For now I am leaving.
Thank you for your thoughts, I kept on feeding”
He left, I was alone in the dark.
No wait!! I could hear a singing Lark,
It was a morning warm,
I kept sticking to the words I had sworn.
The demon was forever gone,
Yes, I fought him alone.

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