Dear Darkness

Dear Darkness,
I was scared of you in the past,
I hated you.
From the core of my heart,
I was blinded by those lights.
Blinded, by those fake people.
Because of which, I picked up many flights.
You were always there for me in the past,
You will always be there for me in the future,
I know these, ‘Cause I realized.
Loyalty, is your second nature.
You healed my every wounds.
Burning like hot lime.
You were there to substitute the null feelings.
When every emotion of mine, got sublimed.
You saw my tears.
Which, in a well lit place, nobody saw.
You heard my fears.
Which I was screaming but nobody else tried to know.
When everyone else was scared.
You befriended my demons.
They just left me in void.
What petty things are these humans,
Dear Darkness, thank you for everything,
I am very grateful.

No matter how much they hate us both.
You will be my friend so true.
Dear Darkness,
I love you!!
Yours lovingly. Lost Soul.

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