The night grew dark.
Only silence I could hark,
I slept on the bed.
Thinking about the things that were said.
He started taking over my body.
It was nothing new, it was his hobby.
He plunged me into deep ocean of feels.
Where all darkness were kept sealed,
I gasped out loud.
Began to shout.
There were memories I had.
Things to make me sad.
Mistakes, that can’t be undone,
I wanted to run,
I fell down, as my feet were tied,
I begged and cried.
All he did was laugh and taunt.
While I let my past haunt.
He was overjoyed.
Every moment ofthat torture he enjoyed, I was far too weak,
I was far too weak,
With my voice utterly meek,
I asked him to let me go,
He made me bow.
He did, while I tried to take some rest.
He asked me to be prepared for the time we meet next, I had to become strong,
I don’t want him to stay any long,
I wished I could get help from someone,
But only I can fight him, as he is my INNER DEMON.

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