I am fed up of being in the situation
Why do people fight over such senseless reasons?
My heart gets shattered when I see such Violation
Every soul suffering from non consideration
This is the time for revolution
And I don’t want any kind of
On any basis as such religion
And one you can’t bear
Such kind of exploitation
And I can see those
Half dead souls.
Suffering from their reception.
War, peace, brotherhood, respect, religion,
Bloodshed, violence, and half dead souls;
Meaningless fights.
Stupid reasons full of cries
Massacres, murders, attacks.
We are here where positivity lacks.
Let’s break all the shackles.
Together we will get the problems tackled
Come on!!
Get up!!
Move on!!
Stop fighting!!
War is not the solution to everything.
Peace also holds something.
Lets create happy smiles,
Lets walk hand in hand for miles and miles.

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