A naked injured girl.
Crying in pain.
In the night of freezing December,
No one batted an eye.
No one called the police.
No one gave a sheet to cover her. Bleeding,
With her organs pulled out.
Her parts, severely injured.
No one took her to the hospital.
She slipped into coma.
Everyone started praying.
No one bothered to stop it all,
She died.
We took out rally’s.
But she was not the first girl,
She was certainly not the last.
Still many are being sacrificed.
Their screams are going unheard,
They are not getting their punishment, If they were.
This should have been stopped by now. They are not being punished.
But effigy of a man.

Who was alive millions of years ago.
Who merely kidnapped a lady.
To avenge his injured and insulted sister. Who never touched that lady.
Without her permission.
Is burnt.
Every year.
He is still being punished.

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