He Narrated Me A Story

“I can’t Do anything,
I want to give up everything,
Even though how hard I try.
The result is worth a cry”.
Crying on the phone I was telling him problem.
He is always there to solve them,
“You know what the problem is?”
He said, “you don’t believe!.
You don’t believe in yourself.
That’s why, in negativity, you dwell.”
“How can I?” I retorted,
“When nothing I can keep in the way sorted?
It’s a basic rule in physics.
You must be knowing what it is.
No matter how much force you put with all your might.
If the object doesn’t move for a distance slight.
The work done eventually turns out to be zero.
No one considers you a hero.
I really think I should give up it all.
All I do is, every time, fall”
“Let me tell you a stony one”.
He said calmly, “it was narrated by my mum,
Listen carefully to this tale.
Set your mind, in this story, assail.
Once there were two brothers.

One elder one younger.
Elder was strong, while the younger was weak.
Together they decided, to some fortune, to seek,
They started on a very hot day.
Didn’t know what was on their way.
They soon became tired with killing thirst.
They needed some water first,
Soon they found a well, but it was dry.
Seeing it, the younger, began to cry.
Suddenly the elder one slipped in that well which was deep,
Down, there he thought, death will surely creep.
The younger, this time, didn’t weep.
Alone, his elder brother, he cannot leave,
After couple of hours, they both returned.
Safe and sound, with bond more sweetened,
Everyone asked about what happened on the way.
But no one believed to what he had to say.
No one believed that the younger save the elder,
‘Cause, for the village, the younger was a failure.
He couldn’t lift a bucket full of water.
Then how could he lift up a man who is stronger?
Tell me, Vedu, how was he able.
To lift his brother with just a cable.
How could he do it single handedly From where did he get that energy?”

Thinking hard, I said, I didn’t know.
How can he when he was considered that low?
He said, “Because there was no one to see,
There he felt free.
There was no to criticize.
He was the only one who could decide.
He had a mission and he was alone,
He had to complete it, even if his body got tom. There he was his own teacher,
There no one else acted like a preacher.
There he believed in no one else,
That’s why he could pull the elder up, all by himself. Listen Vedu, you will have to trust.
Before everyone, put yourself first.
You can achieve.
Just, in the fact, you should believe.
Don’t give up anything.
The one who judges, knows nothing,
Even I have a full trust in you,
I know, there is nothing you cannot do.”
I still keep those words in my mind,
I always remember the story, whenever I get tired. The story, which he narrated.
The one, from whom, I never get rated.

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