I am High

Tick took, ticktock.
Runs the time, in the clock,
I work day and night.
Still too weak to fight.
Feels like I am destroying my life.
Sometimes I want to slit my wrist with a knife, Day by day, I am losing a friend.
The problems, I guess, have no end,
“Better luck next time, dear
Is better than, “You are a loser, I swear!”,
I don’t know what I am gonna do,
Maybe I am really going to lose.
All those words of inspiration.
Acts like words of depression,
I don’t want to take part in any race,
I just want to walk in my own pace,
In the world full of competition.
Here I am writing a composition,
I have no idea about my fate.
I don’t know, but I am running late,
I don’t know how to end this one,
I am just trying to add some more rhyme and hum.
At the beginning I was crying but now its making me laugh, I don’t but this gonna affect the wattpad graph Maybe I am high on drugs,
I mean seriously, what the fuck :3 I don’t know.
Okay!! I can’t write anymore

Effects of taking science, and results of going through half yearly’s answer scripts.

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