I Am Messed Up

The skies are crumpling down.
The earth is swallowing me up,
I can feel all the lava gushing.
But it is freezing my Heart.
I hear all the empty words,
I hear the senseless mutterings,
I don’t know if its my imagination.
But I can the malice inside you smile feel broken and weak,
Yet I feel like I am strong,
I am waiting for someone.
Someone who is forever gone.
One lie gives birth to another.
Here one messed up things, leads to another.
Things are getting frustrating,
I am getting cold.
But I feel the molten lava.
Moving in the heart that froze,
I am blaming others.
While I am at the fault.
Please somebody.
Help me, I can’t bear it for long.
I am losing people,
They are leaving me behind.
Dark clouds eclipsed,
I wish soon the sun should shine.
1 am becoming like a tree,
Which shed all its its leaves.
Will the new ones sprout.
In the coming spring?
Or will it remain cold.
As December winter.
Feels like I am getting old.
Ghoulish feelings are getting strong,
I am screaming for help,
But feels like nothing had gone so wrong,
I am so messed up,
I am so confused,
I am slipping into something.
With nothing I can hold.
Don’t look at me.
Don’t look for me,
‘Cause I am too far gone.
Far from everybody’s reach.
I am irritated,
I think I am just tired,
I want to sleep,
I want to have the eternal sleep.

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