Step 05:
It Starts With You – Taking Care Of Yourself Is Key To Doing Your Best Work

In the last chapter, you learned why taking regular breaks is key to doing your best work. The human brain becomes disinterested and even bored in doing repetitive tasks over and over again for long periods of time; that is why many experts suggest taking 15-minute breaks every hour (i.e. 60 minutes) in order to keep your brain engaged and enable you to do your best work possible.

However, it’s not only mentally that you need to take care of yourself in order to do your best work, but physically, emotionally, and socially as well. If you allow other elements of your life to be negatively impacted by your work, you won’t be as mentally sharp and focused to do your best work, and you won’t even be eager to return to the work you need to complete.

For instance, if you are an entrepreneur who works on your computer and mobile devices to create products to sell people online, if you are constantly working on your computer and/or mobile devices and never take breaks away from them to do other things, there are several aspects of your life that are going to suffer.

For one thing, your weight is probably going to increase, causing a detrimental effect on your health. That is because you are constantly sitting, looking at a screen, typing away with your fingers, but that is about the only physical activity you’ll be getting. If you do this hour-for-hour, day-by-day, week-by-week, over time, the food you are eating is likely going to go onto your frame as fat because you aren’t doing enough physical activity to burn it off.

As a result, your weight is going to increase, and you will likely have a negative view of yourself, especially when you look in the mirror or are around family and/or friends who may look at you differently because of your changed appearance. This is not going to help your mindset and your mood when it comes to your work, which will negatively impact the quality of it and might even lead you to avoid the work altogether, which will negatively impact your reputation, credibility, and business profitability.

Therefore, you need to take time out for yourself to work off the food you eat and stay in good, physical shape. Not only will this keep you in good physical health, but it will put you in a good mental state of mind too to where you can stay mentally focused and engaged on your work and do higher-quality work.

It’s not just your weight that will be negatively impacted if you constantly are on your computer or mobile devices creating products and content. Your social life will be negatively impacted as well. If you have a family – spouse or even spouse and kids – they will not like the fact that they don’t see you that often because you are constantly working. Chances are, you will drift farther apart from your spouse because you spend no quality time together. This will also happen with your kids as well, which could cause them to resent you because you spend no quality time with them. This can occur with young kids (from 1-12 years old) or even with teenagers (13-19 years old). They may not grasp that you are working that hard to aid them, leading to them resenting you not being there for them and with them in their lives.

If your family starts to resent you not being there constantly, chances are high that the environment will be strained and you will constantly have that resentment and strain in the back of your mind, which will lead to you losing focus on your work, negatively impacting the quality of it. This is why it is critical that you set enough time in your schedule so that you can spend time with your family and loved ones so that they know you still make time for them even when you are busy with work. In addition, the break away from work will do you good as well, as your mind will get that much-needed time away from work so that you can be more mentally focused and engaged on the tasks you need to do to complete your project.

Even if you are unmarried and don’t have a family, it still will negatively impact you if you don’t take breaks away from your work and head outside from time to time. If you cut yourself off from your friends, family members, and/or boyfriend/girlfriend, your mind will start to lose focus, and you will forget what it means to do anything other than work, which will negatively impact your social life and skills. Having a dull social life is not going to enrich your life any, especially since constantly working can cause your mind to become disinterested in your work and even cause you to resent your work, which will negatively impact your credibility, reputation, and profitability because your work will be of lower quality.

If you’re thinking that you can reduce the amount of food you eat to avoid exercising and put more time into your work, that’s not a good strategy either. Again, your physical health is going to be impacted because you are not eating regularly and not getting the required nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to perform at its very best. This includes your mind as well; you’ll constantly be hearing reminders from your stomach about how little food you’ve eaten, which will take your focus away from your work and more towards what food you can eat.

Therefore, you need to eat regular meals throughout all projects you are working on; skipping meals to give yourself more time to work on projects is not going to benefit your health, your work quality, or your business in the long run. This is all the more reason why you cannot afford to procrastinate and make excuses in why you are not getting tasks completed as quickly as you should; it’s more than just actually completing the project, but managing the aspects of your life away from the projects you’re working on – including family, friends/social life, diet, exercise, and more – to ensure you are in the best condition possible to do the best work possible for your clients and your business. All of the aspects of your life go into this to make it possible to do your best work; cutting back on any aspect in order to give yourself more time to do your work will have negative impacts on your life and your work quality at some point in time.

Therefore, in this chapter, you have learned that you not only need to take regular breaks away from your projects in order to do your best work, but you also have to take care of other aspects in your life – including diet, exercise, and social life/family life – to ensure you remain mentally engaged and focused on your work. Failure to tend to all other aspects of your life can lead to you becoming bored or even resentful of your work, which can have negative impacts on your credibility, reputation, and profitability. In the next chapter, you’ll learn how making a “game” out of getting things done promptly can help you to work more efficiently and produce high-quality work.

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