Last Separation

9 months, inside the the warm tummy.
Living the starting of life peacefully,
I was brought into the cold world, in one cold morning.
My mother smiled, while I was crying.
Maybe I knew that time,
I faced my first separation.
I grew up a little and began schooling.
Kindergarten! Memories, still keep brooding.
After 3 years, of playing with the clay.
We didn’t knew we had to leave the school one day.
We all went to different schools.
And I faced another separation.
Students of primary side.
We surely had a blissful time.
Didn’t know what friends meant,
But made them in a blink.
One of them had to leave the town with her father.
And I faced another separation.
Middle school, when got little serious about life.
Schedules, works, all in time.
We also enjoyed for a while.
When friendship began to grow stronger.
Some of them left, for the school better.
And I faced another separation.
After our 10th boards exams.
All had their future plans,
Some in commerce, some in science.
Few left to have a education high.
Even changed my school,
And I faced another separation.
Stuck in the busiest schedule miserably.
Some excelled. While some got pressurised seriously.
Talks grew shorter, distance grew longer.
Then I heard an old friend passed away due to depression. We all mourned together,
Because we faced an unexpected separation.
Then we had our college forms ready.
Some went to the same, while some left the city.
Some went to study abroad.
To have the future, which would, in the sky, soar.
And in all these changes,
I faced another set of separation.
Different places, different jobs,
Different homes, different lives.
We forgot, while few remained in touch.
Sometimes we missed the old days very much.
By this time we all knew.
We had to face the separation.
Time ran, changes made.
We had many goodbyes bade,
From a family to new family.
Then to creating our own family.
Many stayed but many had to leave. And we got used to face separation.
Now I am on the hospital bed. Breathing my last breaths.
Loved and lived a long life.
Had my dear ones by my side,
I was happy to realize.
This was my the very last separation.

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