I stood in front of the mirror.
My reflection made me shiver.
It was not the one he used to describe.
It was someone else, why did he lie?
Eyes were way to small.
For the face which looked like a ball.
Shoulders were broad.
Was he a fraud?
Abdomen carried fat lobes.
Which even belts couldn’t hold.
Filled with stretch marks.
Some scars very dark,
The reflection was not beautiful.
Was he making me a fool?
“This mirror is bad”.
Said he,” its making you sad”.
“Whenever I used to tell the lies.
You were able to figure out the truth, looking into my eyes. Whenever I wanted to badly cry.
Your shoulders were there for me, regardless of time.
For me you are the perfect cushion,
I don’t need to have any other reason.
Your smiling face is always my inspiration.
Whenever! am in depression.
Make my eyes your mirror.
That reflection wont make you shiver.
You are beautiful,
This is the truth.
The mirror reflects your surface.
Not your perfect”
I hugged him tight,
Planted a kiss light.
Not any mirror.
Now has the power to make me shiver.

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