“Money is nothing.
You should not depend on it for everything.”
Can you get the school you want without money?
Can you get admission in the college you want without money?
Can you travel around the world without money?
Can you buy a roof to provide shelter without money?
Can you fill your empty stomach without money?
Can you go the parties you dreamt of without money?
Can you hire a lawyer without money?
Can you get a doctor without money?
Can you buy medicines without money?
Then how can you say don’t depend on the money?
How can you say happiness can’t be bought with money?
Yes it’s true, after our death, we can’t take the money.
But its better to lie in a beautiful coffin than to be thrown in mud by municipal people,
It’s better to ensure your family lives happily than to let them beg and sleep on the road.
Don’t tell me money means nothing.
To survive today, in this world.
Money is everything.


Well I tried to have this in rhyming style, but it didn ‘t go well, maybe
my brain is not working properly (it never worked ), well I don’t think money is really everything, but to live, no matter how much I ignore the fact, the things always get connected with money.
I don’t know. I am confused.
And thank you all the readers._. For reading my work from the starting to this one, some of them are really gross (All of them I mean.
But I am stubborn, I will keep writing until I get perfect in poetry.

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