The Fallen Leaves

On a road leading to somewhere.
There was a tree standing forever.
The tree had leaves of different shades,
Some fresh, while some with wrinkled blades,
Some of them were newly born, while some were about to die.
Together, like a family, they used to laugh and cry.
On one dead silent night,
When the moon was glowing bright.
Came a violent storm.
Along with thunder and the current was strong,
Leaves got frightened,
With their grip more tightened,
Prayed all night for the storm to stop.
Along with them, prayed the tiny crops.
Some leaves, then, showed different kind of behavior.
They stopped holding and proved to be failure.
They let the grip go.
Gave up all the hope.
They said they want to die.
Thus, they would no more try.
Others asked them to hold on.
No storm lasts for long,
But they didn’t listen and started to fall.
The storm ended after all.
Came a morning warm.
After that heavy storm.
The weaker leaves fell and died.
While the strong leaves survived.

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