The Nature Alone

The Nature Alone


As long as live

I’ll hearwaterfalls and birds and winds sing..

And get as near the heart of the The Nature Alone


There is a saying that silence is golden, but have you ever imagined that silence can be healing, even deafening? Seems odd right? Well, in life, the quietness you experience is most often filled with several types of outside noise, always tickling your eardrums, which yearn and beg for peace. Living in a city or town, you can never truly escape the sounds that constantly fills your life. Yet, Mother Nature is ready to grant you this gift, which comes with so many wonderful perks for the body, mind and soul.


In the silence of nature, you can let go of your stress and problems. Release all the nagging troubles of life and allow nature to soak them in, you become content, peaceful, tranquil and meditative, healing your body, mind, soul and discover your personal Zen.  At the same time, you get to witness beautiful scenery, inhale the aroma of nature and perhaps even hear the sounds of insects and animals.

You may even find yourself sitting in front of a lake with lapping waves, next to a creek or cascading waterfall. Even then the silence is still there, surrounding the calming melodies of wilderness. All wrapped into one, offering you the opportunity to appreciate life and understand that there’s more to it than the repetition of city life..

It’s easy for us to say we don’t have time, or that the wilderness is too far away, but nothing is too far away if it can help soothe and re-invigorate your well-being and state of mind. Nature has that power; it always has and always will. It’s right there, outside the walls of our homes, outside of our concrete cities, a glance away from our electronic screens just waiting for us to enter and experience its splendor and wonder.

In nature, silence is deafening, I know, I experience it as often as I can with my wife and sometimes alone. If you go give it a try I guarantee you will want more. Share it with your family and friends because it seems we are all losing touch with ourselves and the Earth. Mother Nature is a healer, which reconnects your body, mind and soul and washes you clean, making you feel whole and alive once again.

Craig MacLachlan is the Young Adult author of the forthcoming novel Summer’s Shadow, book one in the Sierra Winters and the Void trilogy. Craig is also a story contributor to Young Adult Magazine, a screenwriter, animal lover, outdoor enthusiast, environmentalist, and is primarily vegetarian/vegan.

 The Nature Alone


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