Torn Apart

Between imagination and reality.
Between being beautiful and being me.
Between being used and being helpful.
Between being hurt and being caring,
Between trying harder and knowing that I had enough.
Between being desperate and keeping my self respect intact,
Between falling in love and not loved back,
Between “Don’t wake me up” and “I am wide awake”.
Between enjoying the present and thinking about the future.
Between feeling the warmth and freezing in cold.
Between feeling lonely and feeling empty.
Between obeying my mind and obeying my heart.
Between forgiving and revenge.
Between forgetting and keep on playing back the memories.
Between tossing out the people and keeping the special place for them, Between my angels and demons.
Between love and lust.
Between faking a smile and laugh genuinely.
Between hope and failure.
Between being strong and accepting that I am weak,
Between accepting the fate and changing the future.
Between fighting to get Him and knowing he deserves better,
Between meeting new people and limiting the number.
Between making new bonds and maintaining the old ones.
Between being selfless and thinking about myself first.
Between truth and assumption.
Between logic and belief.
Between holding on and letting it go.
Between being practical and being optimistic, Between changing myself and changing others. Between war and peace.
Between everything,
I am constantly being torn.
Torn apart,
Between everything.

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