Tribute to The Zekken

Dedicated to an Anime Character Yukki Konno from Sword Art
Online season 2 or you can say “Mother’s Rosario” from the light
novel series of Sword Art Online.

Bom with a defect,
Didn’t let her spirits get affect.
Though she was in that online game.
She gained’espect and fame,
“The ultimate Sword” she was known.
Nobody knew, in real life, how she has grown.
Given the title, “Zekken”
No other sword could make her sword shaken.
Body was far too weak, but her mind was strong.
She was unshakable, even if everything was gone. Fought battles, only to win.
She was the strongest after her twin.
She wondered many times, why was she alive?
She devoted her life, in the full system dive.
Lost her sister. Lost her parents.
In the real world, she was growing transparent.
The leader of Guild called ” The Sleeping Knights”,
Even in her last moments, her eyes were bright.
Though she is a fictional character whom I admire,
I want to be like her, its my desire.
In few minutes, many lessons she taught.
Showed the real face of life, I would have never thought.
She was a true fighter, in both worlds, virtual and real,
Every time, I take inspiration from her zeal,
I could write many things in her memory.
For me she created an unforgettable history,
I wrote this as a tribute.
This was the smallest thing, as token of Love, I could contribute

Thank You Yuuki Konno, you will always remain in my heart

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