You are dark ocean of secrets.
Hard to handle, coz I am inexperienced.
But I am learning to explore.
Ready with all love to pour.
You hide all your tears.
Scared of haunting nightmares,
I want you to enter the world of light.
Want you to learn to fight,
While dealing with problem numerous.
You always try to show that you are humorous.
Sometimes, you wish you were dead.
But baby have faith,
I know that smile is fake,
In every difficulty, you try not to shake.
You hide all your fears behind a mask.
Tackle everything given as a task.
You don’t let anyone come close.

Fearing all your weakness would get exposed,
A day will come, when everything will be fine.
Happily and peacefully, that day you will dine.
Please don’t pull over the blinds,
For all the happiness you find.
You don’t have to break and cry.
All you need is to try.

Remember, whenever you will be left without any clue,
I will be ready to give my hands to you.
Of you, I Will take care.
No one would hurt you, no one would dare.
You don’t need every time to be shoved.
All you need who cares and loves.

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