What Changed?

A little girl with chirpy face.
Unwillingly took part in a race.
Somewhere she was in front, somewhere she was pushed back.
Slowly, enthusiasm, she began to lack.
Now, she turned into a sulky teen.
Misses the Time, when she was the queen.
Hides the tears behind the mask.
She barely talks, she hardly laughs.
In the journey from a kid to teen.
What changed?

Once upon a time, she was precious.
She got every treasure, no! She was the treasure.
She got care,kisses and hugs.
That was the time, when she used to experience love.
Now the love turned into the fights.
Tears took place of the kisses for goodnight.
All the hugs are given to the pillow.
Slowly stooping low like a willow,
In the journey from precious to useless,
What changed?

They used to share every pain.
Come sunshine orthe rain.
They were known as soulmates.
Ready to fight the coming fate.
Now they neither friends nor enemies.
They are strangers with some memories.
Some feelings turned out to be fake,
Now, the name, they don’t take.
In the journey from soulmates to strangers.
What changed?

Once upon a time she used to share every detail, Every emotion, without getting failed.
Somewhere she helped, somewhere she got help. No one, then knew, the real hell.
Now she is standing in some barren land,
Seeing her friends fighting to have the upper hand. The word, friends, remained a word.
While the relationship turned like a sour curd.
In the journey from love to fights.
What changed?

Fighting with siblings to fighting the demons, Crying for attention to crying in silence.
Laughing wildly to faking smiles,
Sharing thing to becoming strangers.
Chirpy face to sulky face.
Loving something to hating from the core. Everything changed.
But sometimes we still ask ourselves.
What changed?

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