What do you know about them?

Not every depressing story has a rejected love.
Some just have a rejected life.
Not every teenager slit their wrists for some stupid crush.
They may have a different reason to play with knives.
Not every prostitute is character less.
Some were just pushed into this abyss.
Not every loner has his ego.
Something must have happened because of which he can’t trust no more.
Not every 14yrs old mother was thirsty for sex.
The reason can also be an unreported rape.
Not every person likes to befriend demons,
But somehow they find them more reliable than humans.
Not every girl is lucky enough to play with dolls.
Not every boy was lucky enough to play with balls.
Don’t think that are attention seeking tears.
They are emotions, hard to bear.
Would you be able to handle that pain.
When you have no one to provide shelter in the rain?
Who are you to judge, without knowing their story?
If you were in Their place, will you feel sorry?


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