What You Need To Do Is Listen

What you need to do is listen


What you need to do is listen. Listen to the world as it is meant to be. Take in the quiet between ocean waves, the quiet of the desert breeze, the quiet of the wooded mountains. Just listen. The silence will make your ears ring. It becomes deafening as your ears adjust from the sounds of daily life. Your body as a whole will love and thank you for it.

Nature is a miracle worker, plain and simple. By leaving the confines of your life and finding a secluded area of wilderness, you can begin to heal yourself with silence. That’s not to say there may not be noise, but it is a different kind of noise. There’s no traffic, no music, no television, no voices (if you are not speaking with other people who may be with you), no typing, no footsteps, no sirens, no phone tones, well you get the idea!

What you need to do is listen. There is a saying that silence is golden, but have you ever imagined that silence can be healing, even deafening? Seems odd right? Well, in life, the quietness you experience is most often filled with several types of outside noise, always tickling your eardrums, which yearn and beg for peace. Living in a city or town, you can never truly escape the sounds that constantly fills your life. Yet, Mother Nature is ready to grant you this gift, which comes with so many wonderful perks for the body, mind and soul.

Unfortunately, as a society, our lives are so filled with work, stress, electronics and media that we become disassociated from nature. Not only adults, but children of all ages have become so entwined with technology that they have failed to reap the benefits of simply playing in a neighbor’s yard, or at the local park, let alone the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors.

What you need to do is listen



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