Market Candid Photography

Market Candid Photography


This market is in a huge concrete building. The stalls are arranged in beautiful rows, They are also classified according to the goods they deal with. Fruits, vegetables, fish, fowls and meat; – all have their respective dealers. There are also the platform vendors who add to the confusion of the place. Each class of vendors also has a portion allotted to them.

Nice things are being sold in this market. Buyers and sellers, haggle and haggle over prices. They push and jostle to get the best offer. In addition it is also filled with the angry voices of buyers and sellers. Now and then, a fellow will come to you with an old pen or watch; be careful before buying. It may be a stolen stuff and you may be get into trouble with the police. In the midst of all these confusions, the sellers do a brisk trade.


The market is under city authorities. So health inspectors are responsible for its cleanliness. They have to see that the food stuffs that are sold are free from defects. Thus unscrupulous stall keepers and vendors are warned against selling rotten, unpalatable or poisonous food stuff.

Market Candid Photography

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Pics Credit : Kriti Bhargava

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