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Kabaddi isn’t just a sport.

It is a game native to India. It represents the soul of India.
In rural India Kabaddi is one amongst the most popular games.

The interesting thing about Kabaddi is that there is no equipment is required to play this sport. You simply need a little piece of land, draw the lines and you are able to go.

Kabaddi could be a game of swiftness, intelligence and physical power. Kabaddi must be revived among youth and Kabaddi teams and tournaments require more sponsors and support from government side. It can even be considered to form Kabaddi as national game alongside hockey.

So just proceed and play kabaddi !!!!

Rules of “life” are same as that of the game “kabaddi”.. The moment you “touch” your “success” line, “People” will start pulling your “leg”.!

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